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Artificial Nail Enhancements
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Ice Cream Pedicure®  
I scream, you scream, even our feet scream for ice cream.
Susie's Nail is serving up ME! Bath Ice Cream Pedicure treatments.  Choose one of 9 flavored ice cream "scoops," including Chocoholic and Hawaiian Lei, which fizz and foam in water, releasing skin-softening oils.  Your feet are then scrubbed with Shower Sherbet, a luxurious sugar scrub, and topped with a Foot Fudge as your mask in flavors like: Marshmallow, Caramel, and Chocolate.  The finishing touch? Body Icing, of course: a flavored body butter.  The best part?  A complimentary scoop of ice cream is served with your treatment.
Ice Cream Pedicure® Flavors:
Choco-holics                   Lavender Lullaby
Vanilla Purity                   Drift Away
Strawberry Kiwi               Watermelon Citrus
Papaya Nectar                 Gotta Have It Pomegranate
Hawaiian Lei

Express Pedicure 
When time is of the essence, we offer a quick solution to get your toenails looking beautiful.  This treatment includes nail shaping, cuticle trimming, warm towel, and a polish application.
Classic Pedicure 
This treatment includes nail and cuticle grooming, nail shaping, callus work and polish application.
Not including either : (1) No Scrub or (2) No Massage.
Deluxe Pedicure 
This classy treatment includes nail and cuticle grooming, nail shaping and exfoliation with a scented salt scrub of your choice. Finishing touches are a relaxing massage and your choice of polish application.

Signature Pedicure
The ultimate luxury for your feet: a custom scented treatment.  In addition to trimming and shaping the nail, cuticle detailing, massage and polish, this treatment includes a scented bath soak, a sea-salt exfoliation, and mask application or paraffin wax wrapped with warm towels.

Organic Pedicure       
This certified organic spa pedicure line is paraben free, cruelty free & vegan. Naturally infused fruit extracts and organic Argan oil will purify, heal, detoxify, regenerate, replenish and restore your skin to its naturally glowing state.

Signature Organic Pedicure  
This certified organic spa pedicure line is paraben free, cruelty free & vegan. Naturally infused fruit extracts and organic Argan oil will purify, heal, detoxify, regenerate, replenish and restore your skin to its naturally glowing state. Followed by paraffin wrap; this pedicure will leave your skin exceptionally silky smooth. 
Little Diva Pedicure 
You are never too young to be pampered.  This pedicure includes a scented foot
soak, nails trimming and shaping, a light moisturizing massage, and polish.  For young girls ages 13
and under.
Callus-Be-Gone Pedicure  
Do you and your feet not see eye-to-eye on the definition of beauty?  Have your feet been working overtime?  For those of you who suffer from dry, chapped feet and calluses, this treatment is for you.  The unique Callus-Be-Gone softening serum is used to remove tough, dead skin.  This intense callus treatment will leave your feet feeling soft and renewed.
Hot Stone Pedicure  

What better way to treat those tired legs and feet than a spa pedicure with the warm and relaxing touch of a hot stone massage?  The ancient healing art of warm Basalt Lava Stone therapy relaxes the lower body at its deepest level.  Enjoy a relaxing massage with warm lava stones as they pave the way to complete relaxation, easing away any stressful tension.
Chocolate Mousse Pedicure  
Satisfy your craving for Chocolate without the calories while you treat your feet to a sweet, nourishing chocolate bath soak, chocolate scrub, and a therapeutic chocolate mud-mask followed by a relaxing chocolate body butter massage leaving you edibly silky.
Relaxing Rose Pedicure  
This is our ultimate pedicure- purely indulgent and truly luxurious.  Your tootsies are soaked in a relaxing and fragrant rosy bath, followed by a soothing rose petal  sugar scrub.  Relaxation is in bloom during the aromatic rose petal body butter massage that will leave your skin soft and delicate like a rose petal.
Refresh-Mint Pedicure  
Energize and invigorate those tired feet with the power of cool peppermint!
Re-energize with a foot soak in peppermint sea-salt while the cooling sensation of minty foot mask wrapped with hot towels provide relief for tired or swollen feet.  A relaxing massage is performed with  a peppermint lotion, which leaves your feet stimulated and rejuvenated.  Take this experience to its fullest pampering by adding paraffin wax to those overworked feet (Additional $7).
Reflexology Pedicure 
Stressed Out? You may be standing on the solution!  Your feet could be the answer to better health.  Approximately 75% of today's diseases are stress related.  Reflexology, an ancient healing art has been found to be very helpful against stress.  Reflexology works on the theory that there are reflex areas on the feet and hands that correspond with organs and parts of the body. Massaging and applying pressure to these parts causes the body to normalize itself naturally. The main benefits of reflexology are to release tension and improve circulation, thus helping the body normalize it's condition naturally.
Raw Earth Pedicure  
Using the elements of Earth to exfoliate rough, dry skin with quartz crystal that will leave you feeling as if you had a revitalizing stroll on the beach.  Then transcend to a volcanic environment of an Earth moisture mask, made from protective volcanic clay combined with a rich blend of hydrating vitamins and minerals.  To finish off this exotic experience, your feet will be deeply massaged with a hydrating Earth body butter that will protect from future dryness.  You will leave this pedicure with refreshed and renewed feet that can only come from Earth's natural raw materials (Add Paraffin $7).
Colada Sparkle Pedicure  
Mmmmmmmm, sit back relax and let us treat you to a mini vacation!  Leave your daily stress behind and enjoy the tropical bliss of a Colada Sparkle Pedicure.  Reward your skin and uplift your senses with this exotic treat.  This treatment starts off with a delicious coconut foot soak made with a creamy blend of coconut oil along with other skin-softening ingredients.  A sweet, creamy sugar-scrub helps with the exfoliating of tired legs and feet.  This exotic treatment ends with a pina colada whipped body soufflé that will wash away all your stress!
Guava Passion Pedicure  
Fresh, fruity and sweetly tropical, new guava passion blends sunny guava and passion fruit to make your spa visit a true delight.  High in antioxidants and skin regenerating ingredients allow this relaxing and super-hydrating pedicure soften, rejuvenate, and brighten skin to a glowing and more youthful look.